This site has been created to allow creative Innovia people like you to collaborate and contribute to new product development at Innovia Films.

This site is only open to Innovia Films employees, everyone else will not be given access.

We wanted an online environment where your ideas could be shared and commented on, but also a place where innovative suggestions could be built upon.  It has been designed to encourage engagement.

Past ideas have been added and these projects show which have been taken in to research and the progress of that research.  Where possible these have been posted in the name of the person who suggested the idea.  All future ideas, as posted, will be assigned to the person who registers the idea..

So why not register today, view our key themes and contribute to a new innovation network?



Key Themes

To help you direct your creativeness some key areas of interest can be found here.


If you want some inspiration watch these clips:

CBI Business Voice - Innovation Game 1

CBI Business Voice - Innovation Game 2

Key lessons from the Strategy and Innovation World Forum








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